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Original Flavor Beef Jerky, 6 Pack

Sograte Original Flavor Beef Jerky, 6 Pack

We do not call it "Regular" for a reason, this is the Sograte Original Flavor Beef Jerky! Original, because of the unique one of a kind flavor unlike any "regular" flavor.

Original Beef Jerky - Well seasoned and slow smoked with a hickory fire. Original Sograte Hickory Smoked Beef Jerky is a little bit spicy because that is how we believe beef jerky should be. Tender mouths might experience a slight tingling burning sensation, but the heat is not the signature feature. The focus is on the natural hickory smoke flavor.

Our all natural flavor comes from a unique blend of spices sprinkled atop of fresh cuts of lean top round beef then slow smoked with a live hickory fire. Our spice blend is designed to naturally enhance the wonderful flavor of the slow smoked meat. The result is a beef jerky flavor unlike anything you may have experienced before.

This item consists of more than al pound of Sograte Original Beef Jerky in 6 - 3oz reclosable bags.

Price: $28.00


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