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Texas Heat Beef Jerky, 6 Pack

Sograte Texas Heat Beef Jerky, 6 Pack

This unique new flavor from Sograte Beef Jerky is sure to warm you all the way to the bone. Seasoned with a cayenne pepper sauce blended with Sograte original seasonings, Texas Heat has a tangy heat that is warmer than the sunset on a dry August night.

Sograte Beef Jerky gets it's all natural flavor from a unique blend of spices sprinkled atop of fresh cuts of lean top round beef then slow smoked with a live hickory fire. Our spice blend is designed to naturally enhance the wonderful flavor of the slow smoked meat. The result is a beef jerky flavor unlike anything you may have experienced before.

This item consists of more than a pound of Sograte Texas Heat beef jerky in 6 - 3oz recloseable bags.

Price: $28.00