Congratulations to 12for12K Winners

Sograte BBQ joined with among other businesses in donating to the 24hr tweet-a-thon held by 12fo12k benefiting UNICEF. 12for12K aims to raise a minimum of $144,000 for 12 charities over the course of 2009, with a new charity being supported every month. The line-up of entertainment for this years 24hr tweet-a-thon was streamed online via with each entertainer having a goal to reach. After a sucessful event, winners were drawn for each of the donated prizes from the pool of cash donors.

With that said, Sograte BBQ would like to congratulate the winners of the vouchers. At this time we have four flavors of low fat hickory smoked beef jerky in our onlinle catalog to choose from, with Teryaki and Chili Lime also available although not currently in the catalog. And for an even healthier snack, we are now making hickory smoked turkey jerky and salmon jerky. A line of pepper jellies will also be added soon, so if you dont see something you want right now be sure to send a message or check back soon!