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After Thanksgiving Day Sale - Friday Through Monday

After Thanksgiving Day Sale - Friday Through Monday


Dont forget to load up on Sograte Beef Jerky as the perfect gift for your loved ones. Begining Friday morning through midnight Monday night you can save 20% on every order of beef jerky. Your friends and family will love the hickory smoked jerky and thank you with every tastey bite. Beef Jerky makes a great stocking stuffer too! No Coupon required, place your order and recive your discount!
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Trailer Smoker Stolen!

The Texas Cadillac has been stolen from Sograte BBQ. Please report any sightings of the following trailer mounted smoker. These are the best pictures I can find of the smoker as it looked at the time that it was stolen. Notice the unpainted trailer frame with aluminum GM truck wheels, wood floor and cooker mounted to the left hand side of the trailer. The large smoker can also be recognized by the two tall draw stacks on the front.
At the time that it was stolen, there was nothing else mounted to the trailer, only the cooker.

Beef Jerky! Real Hickory Smoked Beef Jerky from Sograte BBQ

Texas' Best Beef JerkyAll natural hickory smoked homemade beef jerky from Sograte BBQ is simply the best beef jerky you will find. This is a premium quality beef jerky that is slow smoked over a live wood fire in small batches and vacuum packed for guranteed freshness. This is real Texas beef jerky at it's best, try just one bag and you will agree that our beef jerky stands above the rest.

Love it. Absolutely love it...

What is Beef Jerky?

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The word jerky comes from the Quechua term ch'arki, meaning dried meat.


Throughout human history and cultures, drying meat was, and still is, a common method of preserving it. By drying sliced meat in the sun and wind, next to a smokey fire, insects were prevented from laying their eggs in the raw meat.