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White House Honey Porter - Partial Mash Recipe Kit

White House Beer Recipe Kit - White House Honey Porter Partial Mash

The White House has created quite a buzz recently with their own home-brewed beer. During an AMA session on Reddit, a user asked the President for his Honey Ale Recipe. Much to the surprise of the community, the White House has released the recipe to the public.

With this recipe in hand, we now make the official White House Honey Porter beer recipe available to you to brew at home. This recipe was originally brewed with honey from a beehive in the White House garden and is formulated as an English style porter with about 5.5% ABV. The color is is a medium brown with some noticible hop bitterness and aroma.

This intermdiate level partial mash homebrew beer recipe kit includes the base malts, specialty grains and hops required to make the White House Honey Porter.

Notes: Kit requires 1lb of honey, not included.
Yeast not included, choose from the options provided.

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Price: $32.95

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